Valium Addiction Treatment In Pittsburgh

Valium belongs to the benzodiazepines family of drugs. It is prescribed as a tranquilizer or as a sleeping aid in order to treat stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Considered as the most well-known diazepam, Valium is taken either as a tablet or as an intravenous fluid. The effects of Valium can be vicious and one can easily fall into its addictive trap. Good thing that there are many options in overcoming Valium addiction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Valium Detoxification Process

It is important to remember that abruptly stopping diazepam use is not recommended. Valium withdrawal symptoms can happen and they can be life-threatening if not correctly managed. The best option is to have a medically-monitored detox wherein the amount of Valium taken is gradually reduced. An addiction specialist will monitor the progress as well as your safety during detox. Other therapies will also be prescribed on top of the dosage tapering until complete abstinence is achieved.

Other Valium Addiction Treatment Options

After a successful detox program, the next stage of treatment will involve several therapies that are focused on addressing the psychological effects of Valium addiction. It can be in a form of either drug counseling, psychotherapy, or both. The purpose of these methods is to enable the individual to understand his or her compulsions toward the drug. The individual will be taught about different coping strategies to help him or her deal with any underlying issues. There will also be therapies intended to teach about cognitive-behavioral techniques to make the individual capable to change thought patterns. This is important in preventing a relapse from happening.

Valium Rehabilitation Facilities

Valium addiction treatment can be done either on an inpatient or as an outpatient basis. With an inpatient treatment, the patient will have to check into a rehab facility to undergo a complete diazepam rehabilitation program. This will start from the detox stage until full recovery is achieved. Usually, contact outside the facility is limited since the goal is to remove the individual from the environment that fuels the addiction. This option is pricier since the total health of the patient is being monitored including his or her diet.

In an outpatient setting, the patient will report to the treatment facility daily. An addiction specialist will be assigned to assist with the treatment program and administer the needed medications. It is a cheaper form of treatment since the patient will not be cared for by the staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The risk of being tempted to Valium is higher in this kind of treatment since the patient remains with the current environment. The individual can still benefit from it though, especially when there is a positive support system surrounding him or her.

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The variety of Valium addiction treatments makes the process complicated and it can be time-consuming to choose the right option. Finding the appropriate treatment, however, can make you live a life free from Valium. Get help and get evaluated for the most effective option. Do not hesitate to call our Pittsburgh valium addiction treatment hotline at (724) 243-2061 today.