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With stimulant effects, MDMA abuse has caused a lot of teenagers to fall into the trap. Thinking that it produces a natural kind of high, more and more people want to give it a try. The circumstances are just so inviting considering that the substance is common as a rave or club drug. If you want to learn more about overcoming MDMA addiction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now is the time to act fast.

The MDMA Situation in Pittsburgh

A lot of patients who have sought treatment in Pittsburgh have informed their doctors about how they were exposed to the drug. Some would simply go out partying on a Friday night, get the drug then continue using it up to the wee hours. About 40 percent of patients in Pennsylvania admit to using MDMA. Many also say that while MDMA is not really their favorite among other illegal drugs, the fact that it is readily available at raves, clubs, and parties, makes them settle for it.

What You Should Know about MDMA

MDMA is known by other names, like Molly and ecstasy. These two names have been used interchangeably but in actuality, they are different in form. Molly is MDMA in powder form while ecstasy is MDMA in tablet form. Molly, in contrast to ecstasy, is often thought of as more potent than other forms. However, it is that substance that contains other drugs like bath salts, cocaine, and methamphetamine, all of which produce dangerous side effects.

Effects of Using MDMA

The chronic use of this illegal drug confuses neurotransmitters in the brain and may also alter a wide range of neurobiological pathways. It can result in sensory alterations, feelings of emotional closeness, and elevated energy. Once it leaves your system, you will experience a ‘crash’, where depression and emotional withdrawal symptoms set in. This is a result of the depletion of neurotransmitters.

What are the Other Effects of Taking MDMA?

Effects of taking MDMA range from short to long term results as reported by the National Institute for Drug Abuse. Physical effects like vomiting, loss of appetite, teeth grinding, hyperactivity, and nausea are common in patients suffering from abuse of the drug. A corresponding increase in body temperature may also be evident in patients. This will eventually expose the patient to hyperthermia as well as dehydration that results from excessive sweating, especially when socializing in overcrowded environments. This can lead to seizures and more.

Liver and kidney damage, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and an increased risk to having a heart attack or stroke can also be some of the effects of MDMA drug abuse. Mood swings can also be common. The chronic use of the drug can result in long-term changes that can affect problem solving, memory, and attention.

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The effects of MDMA addiction are alarming, regardless of whether they are short-term or long-term by nature. You have to do something about it now. The first step is to seek professional help. Simply contact our Pittsburgh addiction hotline at (724) 243-2061 for professional advice.