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Alcohol addiction can be very deadly. Before you will be even diagnosed with the problem, the medical practitioner will check up on evident signs associated with addiction. Nausea, irritability, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness are among the common causes they will see in patients suffering from the disorder. If you or a loved one shows any of these signs, you need to get help for alcohol addiction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What Do Statistics Say about Alcohol Addiction in Pennsylvania?

Alcohol abuse is one of the causes of traffic-related deaths in the US. In the state of Pennsylvania, the Department of Transportation has recorded 459 alcohol-related deaths in 2010. Alcohol-related crashes, for the same year, reached up to as much as 12,712 cases. Motor vehicle crashes resulted from the involvement of 10,501 drunk drivers.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

People think that it will be hard to undergo alcohol addiction treatments. Most patients think of 12-step programs that they have heard of from somewhere. Others also think of 28-day inpatient rehab. The truth is that these are not just the treatment options that you have when you suffer from alcohol addiction. Medical professionals recommend treatment depending on your case. Here is a list of treatments available for alcohol addicted patients.

  • Behavioral Treatments. This aims to help you change your drinking behavior through counseling programs.
  • Medications. The United States has approved medications that can be used to treat alcohol addiction. There are also medications used to prevent relapse and reduce drinking in patients. All medications are prescribed by healthcare professionals. They work in combination with counseling.
  • Mutual Support Groups. This is where the likes of the 12-step program belong. The group provides peer support for people wanting to cut back or totally quit drinking. Like medications, this can also be combined with behavioral treatments.

Where to Start

The first thing you should do when thinking about alcohol addiction treatment is to talk to a primary care physician. The professional will provide treatment referrals and prescribe medications depending on your case. He evaluates your drinking patterns while also crafting a treatment plan that will suit you. He also evaluates your overall health to find out if medications are effective treatment options for you.

Who Can Be Involved in the Treatment Process?

Apart from you, as the patient, and the primary care provider, there are different professionals involved in alcohol addiction treatment. A psychiatrist, for one, can recommend medications and provide behavioral treatment for you. A psychologist can also work with the psychiatrist for behavioral treatment. Licensed clinical social workers or social worker with a Master of Social Work can also assist in behavioral treatment. Alcohol counselors are also included among those who can help you out of the problem.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The struggle is real when you or a loved one become addicted to alcohol. It will be good to seek treatment right away. Whether you want someone to give you advice or extend professional help, we are here to help. Call our Pittsburgh addition hotline now at (724) 243-2061.